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Why do people love horror movies?

Have you ever wondered why horror movies are always at the top of the box office? And have you ever been amazed at the dozens of long-running sequels on the latest horror movies? Well, horror movies are popular for a variety of different reasons. Chief of which, is that people love to get excited, and watching a horror movie is just one precarious way of getting scared.

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Understanding the Power of Marketing and Technology

The marketing and technology industries are becoming more and more difficult to crack every year. Any company that wants to survive in the above areas needs to market . Having a business partner and having excellent products or services are just the key elements that make a company peak. However, in addition to these things (no matter how many auspicious assets they have), without the right marketing tools, they will not be able to realize their potential.

What a clear vision does for your company

Moreover, marketing strategies cannot be compared with technology, which are two different areas or attitudes to meet customer needs. Marketing strategies can take many forms, but the most popular and effective is to use technology for marketing.

Indeed, the management of many companies takes significant risks when looking at the numbers. Because many competitors are preparing to replace you every day, any company needs to expand its knowledge in the combination of marketing and technology.

The company’s management must first determine the main objectives of its business development. The services/products provided must meet the market equilibrium of the quantity supplied and demanded in the target market. In addition, merchants must make important considerations about the niche of their products or services. This means he must be able to find target customers and how to contact them.

Customer needs and requirements

It is difficult to reach target customers with simple marketing. In fact, the business trend of this generation is: “The more complex the marketing, the more you can reach a variety of people.” This is where technology comes into play.

First, hiring marketing experts will make all of this possible. By using technology, companies can not only take a big step toward reaching people but also easily track the progress they have made. However, although there are many experts who can be appointed to do this, it is still important to further evaluate their capabilities, because not many people are proficient in marketing methods and technical aspects.

Without the proper use of technology, the idea of globalization is impossible. This is why marketing expertise should not be measured by the extent to which these methods can be implemented in a business, but the extent of these marketing should be implied in a “technical” manner in the online world.

Familiar with business trends and advantages

Indeed, the role of technology should not be taken for granted because it allows you to know how to combine technology with current business trends to truly achieve development.

How To Market Information Technology

Information technology is no different from marketing any other type of business, everything that determines your business to stand out and communicate it to potential customers. Why do customers hire you to meet their IT needs? Can you bring them something that no one else has? The answers to these questions are the key to effective marketing, and this is where your marketing strategy should begin.

You need to position yourself as the customer ’s preferred solution. This means showing them exactly what you can do for them and how to help their business run more smoothly. Make sure you clearly communicate the importance of information technology to any business. In today ’s technological age, without proper use of internal computer systems, online marketing, and other data sharing methods, companies cannot hope to continue their operations.

For many companies, understanding and managing information technology can be a huge problem. They may lack technically savvy knowledge to handle this part of the business themselves, but they can still help themselves by hiring capable people.

Another important part of marketing information technology is to prove that you are in sync with the latest technological developments. Your customers may not understand the latest social media networks or smartphones, but if they know that you are up to date, they will be able to breathe easy because they know that their business will not fall behind, which may be fatal in today’s, market.

And don’t forget that one of the best ways to prove yourself to keep up with the times is to use the latest technology in your marketing strategy. What better way to prove that you know how to sell a business than to make your own website, blog, video, or another medium to convey information effectively and interestingly?

Never think that IT is a boring field or such a complex field that you cannot sell IT business properly. Marketing information technology is not only feasible but if done well, it will make you stand out from the competition. Potential customers are there, and they need the IT expertise you have; you need to make the right impression through marketing so that they want to apply your skills to them.

If you are proficient in technology and marketing, tracking things that hinder business progress can also be done easily (a good tool is Rapidprofixpro). Once you are familiar with the above industries, creating new innovative ways to maintain business development will be an advantage that you can easily integrate into your business.

Best Speakers for Your Car

picture of speaker grill

Car speakers can be a complicated thing if you don’t know what you look for as there are many factors that play into finding the right one for you. First off you want to make sure that you’re getting a good deal money wise. Doing the research on this is very important, it can be tempting to snag the first one you think will work but get a good list going of what is compatible and make a decision.

Even though audio systems are one of the least vital pieces of equipment in an automobile, travelers can’t imagine being in the car without music. One size doesn’t fit all; a perfect car stereo for one may not be true for the other. Individuals while seeking a car stereo should acknowledge their preference and budget. In this article, we will guide you on how to find the best speakers for your car.

Types of car speakers:

Car speakers come in many different styles and are made by thousands of different companies. The come with detachable faces, tape players, CD players, Mp3 players, and so many buttons and whistles that it is amazing that they cannot was the dishes by themselves. Selecting the one that will best suit your needs takes a bit of homework on your part.

Coaxial Speakers

The most common type of car speakers, these are typically factory installed by the manufacturer. Usually, there are two pairs of speakers, one pair in the front, one in the back, though some manufacturers offer up to 8 speakers. Factory installed coaxial car speakers typically lack an amplifier and sub-woofer. The sound quality reproduction is mediocre, but gets the job done quite adequately. Audiophiles will of course want to buy something better than what comes pre-installed in the cars. Hence, the more tweeters you have, the clearer the audio reproduction.

Caveat: many car manufacturers are nowadays offering 6 and 8 car speaker systems. Unless otherwise mentioned, these are typically just your four regular mid-range cone woofers. The tweeters aren’t mounted on top of the woofers. Instead, they make up the last two “speakers”, hence giving you the 6 or 8 speaker configuration. This is a trick employed by car manufacturers to increase the perceived value of their product without delivering any difference in the performance.

Component Car Speaker System

This is the higher end, custom installed speaker system. In this system, the tweeters and woofers are separate. Additionally, it includes a set of crossover filter networks. These filters essentially improve the sound quality by distributing the audio signal to the relevant components. If the signal is of a high frequency, then it would be diverted to the tweeter. If it is below 10,000 Hz, it would be directed to the woofer. The result is far greater fidelity and clarity in audio reproduction.

Additionally, many component car speaker systems also have a sub-woofer for handling low level frequencies (i.e. more bass or ‘punch’). Some systems also have an amplifier that further increases the audio output quality and ‘punch’.

There are more speaker and audio companies than there are stereo companies, and thousands of different choices in this genre as well. You can invest in a two thousand dollar set from sharper image, but chances are that it is just a vanity purchase. You can spend much less money on a set of speakers and get the same quality of sound.  You’ll definitely wanted to get yourself educated online, here’s a great article regarding powerful speakers recommended by car audio logic.

One should also do a little homework in researching consumer reports on the brand you want to buy. One could use the vast library called the internet, or a regular library, or even go to your local grocery store and pick a copy up from the magazine rack. These articles are usually easy to read and written to the lowest level so that everyone can understand them clearly.

When checking out your options in stereos, you may choose to install a good subwoofer as well. These are a little harder to install, but create a deep and booming bass sound that will have your windows rattling and maybe the nerves of the driver in the car next to you. It is always fun to see other people’s reactions to this.

A speaker’s design material will determine its durability and sound quality. Woofers produce low musical notes and to effectively produce those notes, its material should be stiff yet lightweight and be able to bear the atmospheric pressure and changes. Since tweeters produce high musical notes, its material should be refined, but for individuals who prefer a more energetic display, metal, ceramics, or graphite are advised.

When you’re buying car speakers, take a look at the material used. Denser materials such as fiber glass, Kevlar, etc. tend to produce deeper, richer bass in the cone woofers. Woofers should ideally be made of dense, thick wood. Last, but not the least, to get the best car speakers, take some time to listen to a demo.

6 Major Ways Technology Advancement has Impacted Different Industries

high technology

In the modern days, technology has become part of life. There has been great advancement in technology in all industries, which has brought high level efficiency. The continuous advancement is brought about by increased knowledge that has led to great inventions and innovations. Here are some of the major ways technology has transformed different industries.


  1. Enhanced communication

Communication is essential in human development and no progress can be made without it. Development of technology has led to improved communication in the different sectors. Modern technology has led to inventions of different communication gadgets. Some of these gadgets include mobile phones, instant messaging apps, Skype, video conferencing, e-fax, electronic mail among others. All these have made communication easier and more cost effective.


  1. Upgraded entertainment

Advancement in technology has contributed to improvement in the entertainment industry. At home, entertainment has gone a notch higher with inventions of advanced music systems, video games, visual systems and other electronics. For instance, smart televisions that can be connected live to the internet have gained popularity. With smart televisions, it is possible for you to share what you are watching with your colleagues.

When it comes to music, it is now possible to access and store music using services such as iTunes. Such services allow you to buy and download music on your player at a reduced cost. This does not only help users, but artists too. Entertainment facilities such as amusement parks, clubs, bars among others have reaped a lot of benefits from technology advancements.

Another area that has benefited from technology development is movie industry. Great advancements have been made in movie production. It is now possible to produce movies fast and in a high quality manner. There are new high tech tools being invented daily that have made filming and production of movies more efficient. Some of these advancements include video editing software, camera technology among others. Technology has also impacted on how marketing of the movies is done. Some of the advancements made include HD media distribution including HD-DVD and Blu Ray that offer high quality to audience.


  1. Health industry

The health industry has experienced great transformation as a result of advancement of technology in the different departments. Modern technology is being implemented in different areas such as surgical rooms, doctor-patient communication, maternity rooms, disease diagnoses and treatment among other areas. Technology has led to fewer mistakes done by doctors leading to more efficiency. There are health apps that help in monitoring of overall body health, fitness or weight. These apps are used in various gadgets including mobile phones, meaning they can be accessed at all times.


  1. Easy accessibility to information

Advancement in technology has led to easy accessibility to pertinent information anywhere and at anytime. Modern technology such as broadband internet has enabled information to be accessed globally fast. It is easy to get information required for entertainment and research from different websites such as YouTube, Wikipedia among others. With gadgets such as galaxy tablets, iPad or iPhone, you can get a lot of information using internet accessed through these devices.


  1. Increased productivity and efficiency

Businesses have experienced increased productivity as a result of technology development. It is a fact that people are slow in the way they work and do not always deliver high quality results within the stipulated time. Most businesses have integrated latest technology in their operations leading to improved output and high quality work. Emerging technologies such as smartphones, computers and internet have made working easier leading to more efficiency in different companies. They also lead to reduced fatigue among employees leading to higher levels of satisfaction and productivity.


  1. Improved education

Education is one of the fields that has benefited a lot as a result of a lot from modern technology. Technology has made online education a reality and improved the ways students learn in classrooms. Students used different electronics such as tablets to share lesson with their peers, making the learning process more fun and convenient. Modern technologies such as Skype or video conferencing, it is possible for students to learn without the need to attend classrooms.


Bottom line

Technology has led to great transformation in the different industries. It is expected that more advancements will be made in the future. To reap all these benefits, it is advisable to apply the different technologies in the appropriate manner.

3 Ways Managed IT Consultants Can Help Your Business

it consultants

Many of our movie lover audience here at UnfriendedMovie are either business owners or corporate types that work in technology.  That’s no surprise, given the industry trends and the working landscape these days.  Given that fact, we like to mix it up here and provide information that is useful to our readers and this article will be all about how IT managed services can benefit your business or organization.

1) Staff Augmentation for Your Workforce

Augmenting your staff via paid IT consultants is a popular approach to getting work accomplished by many businesses.  The benefits are clear and varied, including the ability to get work done without recruiting, training, and retaining your own talent.  Especially nowadays in the IT sector, talent can be extremely hard to find in many topic areas.  Even though consultants won’t necessarily come cheap, it can still be more cost-effective for a company that isn’t paying for benefits, perks, and associated costs of an employee.

Another powerful aspect is the lack of commitment that needs to be made in obtaining a contractor versus a full employee.  So, whether your work is seasonal or associated with a particular initiative, you can easily scale up and down your workforce to meet your needs without the time, energy, and potentially disastrous circumstances of having to let employees go.

2) An Outside Perspective for Your Business

It’s quite natural for businesses and company culture to get an insular world view over time.  Especially relevant for industries that are highly competitive or leverage high technology, it can be critical to cultivate a broader perspective on how to approach your products, services, and customers.  IT consultants have the benefit of working with multiple customers across industries and can bring additional insights into how to approach your business.  This can make the difference between a company that thinks it knows what its customer wants and failing versus another that has solid insights into what actually will work and delivering appropriately.

3) Plugging the Skills Gap

Companies need to put egos aside and understand when they simply don’t have the skills to be successful with a project.  This is where managed IT services come in with specialized skill sets and experience to do the job successfully.  We have the big-5 consulting firms at the high end and then a myriad of specialized technology consulting firms covering every possible product and technology.  One firm worth checking out is Decypher Technologies – IT Services, as they have a strong reputation for delivering reasonably priced and effective results.

The pace of technology and business innovation has accelerated at a great pace in the past 10 years and it promises to even surpass it in the next 10 years.  Therefore, smart businesses will give strong consideration to leverage competent IT consultants and managed service engagements to get the results they want by supplement their workforce with more strength, greater perspective, and better skills.

What are some of the must-watch horror movies of 2017?

Point of view of a male worker getting a credit card from a pair of friends at the movie theater

2017 was a great year for horror movies. There have been some really inventive films that have defied genre classifications. And aside from being imaginative with their genre, these films have also been really scary. Therefore, we present a compilation of the most terrifying films of 2017. Although the bar has not been particularly high this year, we have found some juicy proposals and even some other original formula, such as Happy Death Day or Get Out. Here are some of the horror movies of 2017 that you should definitely watch.

1. Rings
The everlasting Samara returns to the fray and this time its threat is on a global scale. In a world as hyper-connected as ours, how many screens can we see it coming out of the well? Again, it has not reached the impact of the original The Ring movie, but it has a couple of most shocking scenes.

2. Saw VIII
It seems that the maniac Jigsaw had definitely died, but a new wave of crimes that seem to bear his stamp arises. To the game of script twists, a collection of traps is added to each one more twisted. Get ready for blood, guts, and gore as this famous grindhouse movie franchise gets its latest entry.

3. Life
During an expedition to Mars, the protagonists collect what seems to be a new way of life. What they do not know is that it will be unfriendly. In fact, it seems to be the cause of the extinction of other forms of life on that planet. How will they stop it? Although the development of Life (Life) was not as round as expected, it has top-level stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds.

4. Marrowbone
Four brothers fear being separated when their mother dies. From there begins a psychological thriller with strong dyes of drama in which the fate of children and their struggle to remain together will have eerie consequences. The secret of Marrowbone does not get well defined until its final stretch, but his remarkable work of photography and sound will keep you glued to the screen.

5. Happy Death Day
On the day of her birthday, a university student is murdered. To her surprise, she must relive that day again and again until she discovers the true identity of her killer. Terror, slasher, and humor are mixed in one of the most original films that the genre has given this year.

6. Annabelle
Sponsored by the success of Warren Records and Annabelle’s first film, this prequel comes in which we know the origin of the diabolical doll. A group of orphans will live in a sinister mansion in the paranormal echoes of a tormented past will end up hurting them. The “jump scares” follow one another in a film that closely follows the springs of the horror genre.

7. Get Out
With a really atypical approach starts this accurate and disconcerting film, in which a boy of color will meet his family and all seem to behave in an unusual way. Little by little, we will delve into an exasperating race for survival in which hypnosis, deceit, and racism are key elements of the plot. Get Out has been one of the most amazing movies of the year and one of the terrifying films without having to resort to the usual formulas. Give him a chance if you want to experience another form of suspense.

8. It
It is based on the work of Stephen King, in which the clown Pennywise tormented a group of preadolescents. The new version slightly updates the formula and gives it a greater audiovisual impact. Although it does not get truly scary, it does present some really impressive images and keeps us in constant tension, thanks in large part to a great performance of the protagonist kids and the convincing characterization of the fearsome clown.

Some pretty scary stuff here and make sure you don’t watch any of these all alone at home in the dark!