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2017 was a great year for horror movies. There have been some really inventive films that have defied genre classifications. And aside from being imaginative with their genre, these films have also been really scary. Therefore, we present a compilation of the most terrifying films of 2017. Although the bar has not been particularly high this year, we have found some juicy proposals and even some other original formula, such as Happy Death Day or Get Out. Here are some of the horror movies of 2017 that you should definitely watch.

1. Rings
The everlasting Samara returns to the fray and this time its threat is on a global scale. In a world as hyper-connected as ours, how many screens can we see it coming out of the well? Again, it has not reached the impact of the original The Ring movie, but it has a couple of most shocking scenes.

2. Saw VIII
It seems that the maniac Jigsaw had definitely died, but a new wave of crimes that seem to bear his stamp arises. To the game of script twists, a collection of traps is added to each one more twisted. Get ready for blood, guts, and gore as this famous grindhouse movie franchise gets its latest entry.

3. Life
During an expedition to Mars, the protagonists collect what seems to be a new way of life. What they do not know is that it will be unfriendly. In fact, it seems to be the cause of the extinction of other forms of life on that planet. How will they stop it? Although the development of Life (Life) was not as round as expected, it has top-level stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds.

4. Marrowbone
Four brothers fear being separated when their mother dies. From there begins a psychological thriller with strong dyes of drama in which the fate of children and their struggle to remain together will have eerie consequences. The secret of Marrowbone does not get well defined until its final stretch, but his remarkable work of photography and sound will keep you glued to the screen.

5. Happy Death Day
On the day of her birthday, a university student is murdered. To her surprise, she must relive that day again and again until she discovers the true identity of her killer. Terror, slasher, and humor are mixed in one of the most original films that the genre has given this year.

6. Annabelle
Sponsored by the success of Warren Records and Annabelle’s first film, this prequel comes in which we know the origin of the diabolical doll. A group of orphans will live in a sinister mansion in the paranormal echoes of a tormented past will end up hurting them. The “jump scares” follow one another in a film that closely follows the springs of the horror genre.

7. Get Out
With a really atypical approach starts this accurate and disconcerting film, in which a boy of color will meet his family and all seem to behave in an unusual way. Little by little, we will delve into an exasperating race for survival in which hypnosis, deceit, and racism are key elements of the plot. Get Out has been one of the most amazing movies of the year and one of the terrifying films without having to resort to the usual formulas. Give him a chance if you want to experience another form of suspense.

8. It
It is based on the work of Stephen King, in which the clown Pennywise tormented a group of preadolescents. The new version slightly updates the formula and gives it a greater audiovisual impact. Although it does not get truly scary, it does present some really impressive images and keeps us in constant tension, thanks in large part to a great performance of the protagonist kids and the convincing characterization of the fearsome clown.

Some pretty scary stuff here and make sure you don’t watch any of these all alone at home in the dark!

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